(188) Music-Themed Travel

Part One – How It Began

For many years, my husband and I could not travel at all because of work commitments. Our last trip together had been a road trip in 2006 to Ohio and North Carolina.

In 2013, we were able to severe our connections to the other work commitment, which opened up the summer to travel. Since we live in Florida and can go to the beach any time we want, we were seeking something different to do – something we had not done before. A resort in the Caribbean is no longer needed, and a cruise is not in our interest. We had already been out west several times, most recently in 2005.  My husband said he wanted to revisit a place in Indiana along the Ohio River where he used to hunt artifacts. I suggested if we were going up that way, why not go to Nashville? I had always wanted to go there, and it was of interest to both of us. We decided to add Gatlinburg onto the trip and eventually Asheville as well. (Details about that trip will be in Part Two of this series.)

Pictures from the Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg. Nice place to visit once.

What has evolved since then has become Music-Themed Travel. Our intense love of music of all kinds has led us in this direction, along with appreciation of the roots of American music. Nashville has been a feeding ground for our addiction, for it has become a yearly pilgrimage for us. No doubt, The Marty Stuart Show which was broadcast weekly from Nashville delivered the goods when it came to real country music, as well as introducing us to the Mississippi Blues Trail, which would become the destination in 2014 and 2015.  In addition to the Blues Trail, Mississippi has marked a Country Trail celebrating country music artists, as well as a Freedom Trail which designates important locations in the Civil Rights Movement.

Marty Stuart has been instrumental in helping us appreciate the musical roots in America. Here is his marker in downtown Philadelphia, Mississippi.

This Thursday we leave for our next Music-Themed Trip, and I will be reporting daily on the road, highlighting each days’ activities. In the past year I have dedicated more time to learning mandolin and blues guitar, and I did an entire unit with my 7th graders on the history of American music, sharing with them highlights from my historical and musical travels. I am excited to be adding more to that unit, as we investigate even deeper into the Mississippi Delta and the music and mystery it holds.


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