(186) Temperature Drop

In Southwest Florida, the only time we get reprieve from the oppressive heat of summer is when a storm is passing through. The temperature then will drop about 20 degrees in a few minutes, and we can enjoy the wild breezes blowing though the palms and raining down among us, safe in our screened in lanais.

Last evening I took my Chardonnay out to enjoy the 75 degrees.  The storm tracked north of us, so I didn’t get the rain, just continuous thunder and some far off lightning. It was volatile, but I was safe, sipping my white, thinking about my day.

A juvenile little blue heron was fishing undeterred, but other birds seemed to be racing off to other destinations.

I was glad to have no where to go.

I snapped some random pictures, then went inside to write this blog. The rest of my evening was spent roasting gold potatoes to go with grilled kielbasa my husband made, along with some baked beans from Publix. We watched music and fireworks from Nashville, and anticipated our upcoming trip there.

The thunder was long past, and the palm trees still.  Little blue had moved on to fish another part of the lake.  The fireworks burst over Music City, and all was well in the world.


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