(183) Earth, Air, Water, & Fire

Deena Metzger

I have ventured into a project of purging old journals. While glancing though one from summer of 1999, I found this poem inspired by an idea of Deena Metzger’s — to write about our lives using the elements.  Here is what I wrote that summer while I was in North Carolina, staying in the mountains next to the New River.

My passion burns within me

I am healed and whole right now

climbing rocks

listening to the music of the water

falling over the petrified logs

trumpet flowers grace the ground

where I walk

the sun pours like caramel over the river

and I am blessed

to be here

to have survived loss

and have opened up

to have let go.

I am blessed.

the yellow daisy like sunflowers

opened all along the riverbank


they brighten the view

they give a cheerful attitude

I came here seeking solace, silence, and solitude

that has been a gift.

I am blessed.

New information, a new way of seeing

a new commitment to my VOICE.

A renewal commitment to my work.

I am blessed.

I will not give away what I love

I will not misuse my gift of music

I will not forget what I have come here to do.

Earth. Air. Water. Fire.

I am blessed.



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