(179) Destination

imageToday was one of those days I knew I had to get out and walk. On the way to Lakes Park I was listening to James Taylor’s Greatest Hits — specifically, I heard the song “Walking Man.”  It seemed to have an influence, because shortly into my walk I was making unexpected observations and decisions on my blog for today.

I was also inspired by a poem printed today in the New York Times Magazine.  It is called “Post Time” by Robin Becker.  Here is a link to the text.

And here is my poem:


My grandfather never seemed to smile

“Moving in silent desperation,

Keeping an eye on the Holy Land”

He was, to me, a walking man.

Early to rise, early to walk

He was a model for a literate life

Conducting imaginary orchestras in the air

Reciting Shakespeare with dramatic flare.

He had the gall to die on Good Friday

We thought he might rise on Easter Sunday

Today I found myself walking as he would

Hands clasped firmly behind my back.

I used to only think of my grandpa’s frown

Now I think of his legacy to me.


(Notes:  lyrics from “Walking Man” copyright James Taylor, 1974.  The lines about Good Friday and Easter Sunday come from a quote by my cousin Kit Logsdon when my grandfather died in March 1975 — “Grandpa had the gall to die on Good Friday, and he has enough spite to rise on Easter Sunday.”)


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