(177) Digging Into the Past

Last year I participated (partially, at least) in my first MOOC. It was called “How Writers Write Poetry,” and did offer some good videos and poetry exercises that were useful. The problem was I went on vacation during it, and never wanted to watch poetry writing videos on the road. Go figure.

Yesterday I happened to pick up the notebook I was using at the time. One of the exercises was to choose a day of the year and then go to your journals and see what you wrote on those days, then try to pull a few lines.  I read through mine and thought, hhmmmm, this makes its own little poem, in a weird “found” way.

Reading through these brings so many things to mind, but I suppose the main thing is that I can love every moment just as it is because it is feeding me in some way. The only thing we need to love next is whatever that next moment provides. With gratitude.

So, here it is.

July 1st

1999    The values of nonviolence and social justice run deep inside of me.

2000   Jim is fishing and the breeze is pleasant. Lots of pelicans, ducks, herons flying by. A mockingbird sang so beautifully last night.

1995    So I have all my spiritual food. And I have my journal and new friends to talk with. It will be fine. I’m just nervous.

1994     I really did love him and I think he felt the same in return. His life was so different. I know it scared me. I didn’t have enough self-esteem.

2002    The door closed and then the door opened.

2004    It was a time of joint despair and gratitude. What followed was a few intense years. I am still in awe when I think back — how the hell did I get through it all?

2006     Looking out I see the fountain and the sun sparkling on the water.

2010     The biggest obstacle to peace in the world is our own anger impulses.

2009     Sometimes the thing that aggravates me the most about teaching is the teachers.

2012     Noshing and listening to Bowie’s Hunky Dory. Incredible that this album is over 40-years-old — absolutely nothing dated about it.

2013     Rolling thunder storms and torrential rain all night long.

“sun sparkling on the water”

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