(166) Pieces (Found Poem)


In my writing circle we have discussed doing a found poem from an entire album. We have done them from books and songs, but not from an entire album of songs. I decided to take on the task on Saturday.

It wasn’t easy.

I chose Jewel’s debut album Pieces of You.  I listened to the album, pulling out phrases that stood out to me. I wrote each phrase on an individual card. I learned that when an entire album is approached, many different points of view come into play, making it difficult to figure out how to make it go together.  I played around with the cards for a couple of hours, grouping them in different ways.  Finally, I just set it aside.

Then this morning one of the phrases came to me as an opening line.  And then the next. I wrote them down, had my coffee, did some journaling. I then started to shuffle through the cards to see what I could add.

Here is my final product. I only used a fraction of the cards — I still have more here.  Perhaps someday I will create another poem from them. Maybe not. At any rate, this turned out okay in my opinion. I might even do it again.


Teach me of honest things

that I might fly today

see the world from another angle

things that are daring

things that are clean.

Words can crush things that are unseen.

A dry tongue screams at the sky

but the wind just breathes words in.

Let the world spin outside our door

Don’t try to understand me

Pretend we’re perfect strangers and

that we never met.

Same old story, not much to say

Pieces of us die every day.


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