(150) Twelve Tenets

On January 22, 1998, I wrote my Twelve Tenets for Healing.  It was during a time of depression, and I recall that these came together quickly based on a lot of reading I had been doing.

Today I took a look at these tenets, and I can see they are still relevant as ever.  Realizing this, I decided it was time to share them with others.  They have largely been kept to myself, typed out and displayed under a magnet on my file cabinet.  Most of the time I don’t even look at them.  That is okay, however.  They live inside me.

1. I will practice being peace no matter what chaos is surrounding me.

2. I will stay present to my Self first, then to the person(s) I am with.

3. I will practice nonjudgment.

4. I will not be attached to outcomes.

5. I will know my Strength, my Abundance, and my Power comes from Divine Source.

6. When fear arises I will recognize that it is a signal something needs to change; then I will prayerfully make those changes.

7. I will practice acceptance.

8. I will remember I am living a mystery, not trying to solve one.

9. I will honor myself and my God by living with integrity and faith.

10. I will have the courage to be brutally honest with myself in all situations.

11. I will remember self-care is not selfish.

12. I will practice gratitude as it contributes positive energy to my world and keeps me in the awareness that Life is Good.

Now that I have written these out again, I am committing myself to living them more fully.  I think I will take one with me each day, and practice living it out fully.  Just one more way to live and love in every moment.



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