(147) Observations


1. I am tired. So, so tired. Went to bed again at 8:00 last night. I am not ill. It is end-of-the-year-teacher-exhaustion. It is real.

2. Even with the 3 day weekend, I do not feel I have even begun to do all the things I want to be doing. I feel my creative spirit is alive and well and struggling to be active. This is making me very grumpy.

3. I am tired of stupid meetings.

4. A friend called last night and we reminisced about the days our opinion and energy mattered. It is amazing how schools continue to approach things. I could say more here, but I won’t.

5. Finally the words “interdisciplinary collaboration” have been uttered for next school year. Yes. Yes. YESSSSSSSSSS.

6. Many of my friends are finding their true writing voice  it is a beautiful thing


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