(143) Cows Around

I have been catching up on some things today, including sleep, so finding something to write about has been a challenge. But then it came to me.


Last night Jim and I were returning from dinner, driving down Gladiolus, and as we always do, we checked in the pastures for the cows. We live in a neighborhood that once contained acres and acres of cattle. It has always been kind of a sweet part of living in Fort Myers, a well-known cow town from way back. Legend has it they used to roam the downtown streets long before there was the fancy parks and river walks and restaurants.

But I digress. On Gladiolus there are other housing developments and little centers with doctors and salons and such. But wrapped around are the remaining pastures, and cows still graze in them. It is a lovely blend of agriculture and commerce.

I had a student tell me he has never seen a cow. Since I am from Ohio where cows abound, and now literally live next door to cows, I found this incredible. Never seen a cow? How can that be?  At the same time I ponder that it reminds me of the gaps my students have in their knowledge. Not so funny.

But, back to my cow joy. I recently became acquainted with Rural Canadian Corb Lund. I heard him sing his song “Cows Around” on The Marty Stuart Show, and I immediately checked out some of his other songs, most that are pretty funny videos.  Someday when you truly have nothing better to do, check out “Truck Got Stuck” or “Bible on the Dash.”  Can’t fault his unusual sense of humor.

Meanwhile, enjoy “Cows Around.” And if you are unlike me and don’t find joy in cows, just use it as a metaphor for what you do like.  That should work.


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