(139) Chasing Art


I was reading an interview with Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, and Crowell was quoted as saying the following:

Chasing art with great intent sometimes leads you to dangerous places,

and you don’t even know you’re going there until you’re there.

How do I get there? The dangerous places, I mean.

It’s about chasing art. In this case, my fiction writing. I have attempted giving myself time just for it.  I’ve moved through all kinds of exercises on backstory and freewriting. But I never pull all the pieces together.

I am avoiding the dangerous places.  Without a doubt, that is the issue. That is why I don’t move forward.  I know what that writing will demand.

My writing circle helped me see some things about a little story I wrote, and suggested ways to expand it. There’s a start. It is small. It isn’t a huge project, like some of the other things I have going.

It’s a place to start chasing art. A starting line. It feels good to see this clearly.

Our writing retreat was like the water under the ground, the water table that will nourish me in ways unexpected as of yet. Previously, I could pretend I didn’t know I needed to chase my art to the dangerous places. Rodney and Emmylou are two of the musicians I admire the most. If they can do it, so can I.

No excuses.


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