(137) Reflections on a Writing Retreat

We considered the ordinary and the mythical. Read from famous authors and put our own spin on it. Read our own stuff and talked about characters and motivation.


We considered our “wild woman” side and what that means. For me, it was every wild encounter with nature. This includes Saturday evening before the rains came when I watched Dolphins playing and feeding just down from the 10th floor balcony. Pelicans diving for breakfast this morning.

IMG_0397The intense blues and greens of this place, all a part of me now.

I came to relax into time with friends and writing.  I came with no expectations. I came thinking I had a direction for writing, but what mattered the most was the conversation.  Just as Natalie Goldberg’s advice is to “stay with the words the way they are written” I will stay with these moments the way they were; the way they fed my creative impulses, the way I focused on my creative life, not my teaching life. There is tone and color that will stay with me from this weekend. I step forward to continue creating the stories that swim in my head. This has been a subtle nudge, a finger pointing “this way.”


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