(130) Listen, The Silences

Today I am starting a series within my series.  Lately, I have noticed certain song lyrics jumping out at me.  Some of these lyrics I have known for a very long time — sometimes decades — and I suddenly hear them in a different way.  I have decided to do what I ask my students to do, and that is to connect that particular lyric to a moment, a photo, a painting, another song or poem.  Something.

It begins today, so this is Lyric Series #1.  Whenever I do a series, the title of song the lyric is from will be the title of the blog post.  My inner-directive on this is to keep it simple.

Today I was driving to Lakes Park for a walk, and heard a song from an album I have called Songs Inspired by Literature, Chapter Two.  The song is by michelle [bloom] and is inspired by the writings of Thomas Merton. The lyrics that stood out:

I don’t want to talk,

I just want to listen.

I went to the fragrance garden walk and was greeted with butterflies, hot sun, cool breeze, and lots and lots of colorful flowers. I took tons of photos, and have connected those photos in a series with a quote from Merton.

Enjoy the silence.

is not
a matter
of intensity
of balance,
and harmony.

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