(124) Man Crush Monday–Al Pacino


It’s Al Pacino.  It has always been Al Pacino.

Robert DeNiro. Dustin Hoffman. Yes–fabulous actors.

But for me, for that time period, it was Pacino.

I loved him in The Godfather movies. Serpico. And Justice for All. Sea of Love. Devil’s Advocate. Scent of a Woman.

Yesterday I saw him as an aging rock star in Danny Collins. Always he moves me.

And what I remember most is that at some awards show he thanked his 8th grade teacher for making him learn to recite the Psalms.  Although I cannot find the speech on the Internet, it has lived in my heart. When I heard Al thank a middle school teacher, it helped me know what an impact I could have on a young person. I have never forgotten.

Thank you, Mr. Pacino, for years of fabulous entertainment and for never forgetting what made you who you are. It matters to me and to the young people I teach. You are forever my crush, even at the glorious age of 74.


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