(122) Laurie and Helen’s Excellent Adventure

On this beautiful Southwest Florida day, my friend Laurie and I took a trip down Estero Island to Lover’s Key to check out the resort for our writing retreat coming up in two weeks.

Our first stop was The Fish House for tasty shrimp tacos and a yummy shrimp basket.
Here is the resort , rising high in the sky.
From the pool area we can watch Dolphins swim by at nearly eye level.
Everything is clean and updated. The lobby was super comfy and very inviting.
Is knowledge of spelling needed for a good hotel stay? Let’s hope not! This sign was on 2 different doors.
From the 8th floor balcony looking north over Estero Preserve. So glad the caretakers of this land didn’t sell this out to developers years ago. I understand at one time there was quite a lucrative offer by some very rich men.
View to the east
View to the south. Lots of good little natural canals to investigate in a kayak. Not that we will be kayaking–our focus will be writing.
Ran out of time to check out the state park. On the way home we listened to Brad Paisley and put up with beach traffic. The cost of paradise. And one we gladly pay.

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