(121) Using Energy

It’s how we roll in middle school.

Using the kids’ energy rather than fighting against it is the only way to make that sprint to the end. Yesterday I realized I had tapped back into the formula: give them something to sink into, and then let them surface and use their creative effort.

We are doing One Book, One School this month. When they enter the class we start the reading immediately.  No long, how-long-can-we-draw-this-out bell work. Just reading. Sinking in.

Afterward, they are working in teams to create a giant poster to map the main character of the novel. In addition, they will be pulling together their own project based on what we have been studying–the progression of American music through time. I have tapped into creativity, personal interest, team and project-based learning, and still stuck with the school plan.

So proud of myself.  Had the best day yesterday–I used their energy instead of mine.

Now somehow I need to do this all year next year.  I have planning to do.

Happy May!  25 days left with these hoodlums.  I intend on enjoying every minute.


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