(119) Tribute: My Brother-in-Law, Paul

Happy Birthday to one great guy, my sister’s husband Paul. We celebrated his birthday last night and in true Paul fashion, he cooked up a pasta dinner for us, which was delicious, served along with his home-brewed beer. The guy can do anything, and always makes it look easy.

I first met Paul on the day of my brother Martin’s wedding in 1999. I arrived at the church and saw this good looking guy who seemed to have a light shining around him. It was such a strange thing, I immediately asked my mom–Do you know who that guy is?  He was a friend of my brother, and by the end of the night he would be dancing with my sister and the rest, as they say, is history.

Several months after Paul and Margie met, they got engaged. Around the same time, my husband Jim and I decided to move to Florida.  Paul was a supporter of our move long before others were.  He helped soften the blow it was to my sister by promising they’d visit us a lot.  They were among our very first visitors to Fort Myers and we always had the best times when they came here.


Paul is an awesome dad to two wise and wonderful sons, Ricky and Michael. He makes yummy pancake breakfasts on Saturday mornings, takes care of their half acre lawn, and can build some really creative sand castles. He is a skilled carpenter–the deck he built on their home in Munroe Falls was stunningly beautiful. He does nothing halfway.  He is a master on the grill, too–best chicken wings in town.

Paul has a strong work ethic and lots of smarts when it comes to technology, so a few years ago he pulled together his resume with the aim to move his family to a warmer climate. The Grassos are a family of swimmers, and they thought a place with year round swimming would suit them best. They were looking everywhere from Carolinas down. Lo and behold, he secured a position at Chico’s headquarters here in Fort Myers. This past week marked their five year anniversary living here.  The people at Chico’s appreciate him as well. He has received promotions and bonuses AND wins the chili cook-off.  I had to buy him a special crockpot one Christmas just so he could cart chili to work for his hungry and appreciative co-workers.

Their move here has enabled us to celebrate holidays and birthdays together, which is really great, since Paul is a master when it comes to Thanksgiving turkey. Thank you, Paul for making that holiday one we all can indimageulge in and relax at the same time.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me and Jim, including helping get our bedroom painted. Yeah,  I haven’t forgotten.

Thank you for your incredible sense of humor and your love of my key lime pie.

Thank you for making my sister so happy.  That has been the greatest gift of all.

This tribute to you is well-deserved, and not just because food is involved.  Imagine my surprise when I learned we shared the same favorite television show as kids. Who can’t love a guy who loves Lost in Space?  Enjoy reliving Season Two.

DANGER Will Robinson, over and out.


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