(113) Lovingkindness

This morning when I awoke, I took myself out to the lanai in the dark and I said my favorite Lovingkindness prayer:

May I be peaceful

May I be happy

May I live with ease

May I be free from inner and outer harm

May I care for myself joyfully on this earth. 

I then said the prayer for my students and my community and then, the world.

I went to work and had a wonderful time with my students. Only taught one group today. I was centered and peaceful and happy. We listened to awesome songs from the Civil Rights Movement–our area of study this week. They have learned so much. I am so glad to have taught them about the Children’s March and Emmitt Till and Jim Crow Laws. They are 7th graders and aren’t learning these things anywhere else. My African-American students have been fascinated–some participating in ways I have never seen them do before.  They all were singing along to “Eye on the Prize” and “Change is Gonna Come.”


Perhaps Lovingkindness needs to be incorporated into my life on a more regular basis. It’s the thing I need to learn to love next–and the extension of that love.

While writing this I took a break and sat on the lanai with my husband. He told me the baby moorhens living in the grasses around our lake had been getting scooped up by young eagles and a pair of hunting hawks. Then we saw a rainbow up in the clouds.

I call this day complete.


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