(111) Traveling Light


Last night I had all kinds of dreams, mostly about one of my favorite musicians. But one part of one dream really stood out.

I am not sure where I was, but it was time to travel home.  I was supposed to be riding with this couple, but then decided that I wanted to fly home.  I put my luggage in their car because I wanted to travel light.  I decided to have a small bag with just my wallet and phone, and buy a magazine at the airport. I was so excited about not dealing with luggage–I was giddy with  delight.

When I went to get one last thing out of my luggage, I saw that the couple had loaded–and I mean loaded– the trunk of their car with rocks. I wasn’t even sure they were going to be able to close the lid, and I pictured the car cracking in half if they hit a hard bump in the road.

Lesson learned: Travel lightly. Those heavy rocks of stress will break me! And what is the point of weighing myself down?  I need to learn to love the lightness, the feeling I had in the dream.  It was amazing!


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