(110) Paper Clips

They were in my dream. Paper clips. All over the floor in my classroom. In my dream I kept picking them up while admonishing the students for dropping them. I was annoyed in the dream, and woke up annoyed.

Paper clips.

I looked up the meaning of paper clips in a dream dictionary website and it appears there are things in my life that need organized. Another dream interpretation site said for things being dropped: “Consider the significance of the thing being dropped.”  What significance is there to a paper clip besides being unable to imagine our lives without them?  I also looked up “floor” since in the dream I was mostly down on the floor, beneath the students. I was assured this means “lowly and humble.”  Oh boy.

No surprise I woke up annoyed and stressed and thirsty.

The thing that grinds me is that I had a good weekend and felt I had made some progress in a positive direction. So this dream was not welcome, and I don’t know how to listen to it except to say that today was equally annoying–testing got canceled and the schedule totally changed and everyone is sick of this disruption in learning and routine.

I guess I’m just picking up the paper clips of emotions we all feel. If I am to listen to my dreams, it won’t always be pleasant. This was a forewarning of what was to come. I don’t like wasting my dream time on the same annoying B.S. I have to put up with every day.

Please send me a wish for better dreams tonight and a better tomorrow.


One thought on “(110) Paper Clips

  1. consider your request for positive dream karma sent.

    Sometimes I think, getting the message in a dream to meet and greet with the cause behind the dream is a difficult meeting to arrange for conflict resolution. I hear ya.


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