(105) Groundhog Day

Yes, today I felt like I was in a Bill Murray movie. But I didn’t like my part.

It was Testing Day Three.  I hope you believe me when I say I really want to stop writing about this miserable test season. I come home so fried, I don’t stand a chance. So all I can do is vent a little until the misery and exhaustion passes. My grade level did not test today, so they were going to their classes.  But not the usual schedule. No. Instead, I had to stop and start with them over and over. We are on an alternating block at my school, and my students are double blocked–which means I see them every day. Today that meant they kept looping back to me because the periods were all mixed up.

The way the schedule worked today, I had to start and stop with 2 classes twice. And I again had my miserable big class over the extended lunch, which is way too long to spend with them, especially when they are hungry (and hangry.). It felt like Groundhog Day.

By the final class change at 3:06, I realized I simply could function no longer.  “Finding Nemo” or “Frozen” was my only question for them.  I simply could not teach any longer, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

I challenge anyone who thinks testing is “no big deal” to walk in a teacher’s shoes for the two weeks (or longer) that testing takes place, and try to deal with the continuing instability and dismantling of every rule and structure you have had in place for the entire school year. The lack of comfortable routine throws young people into a tizzy.  It’s insane.

Only Day Three. Thank God for yoga tonight.


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