(100) Continuation

I begin with a quote from a poem I read today called “Zen Sonnet” and I end with a quote from the Buddhist tradition of the Five Remembrances.  In between, I insert a dream I had last night. Cannot think of a better way to celebrate getting to 3 digits on this blog.


“So let us go out into the world and wander a little

beggars with empty bowls in straw hats and grass sandals”

Let me walk on that grassy path, wide and inviting

the one in my dream last night.

I was there at sunrise, the darkness just drifting away

little by little, and revealing white and purple flowers

springing up on the path in front of me.

Tall, nearly a foot, brilliantly white and supremely purple.

I rejoiced in seeing them, hoping others would, too,

and not trample them.

There were little scatterings of bright yellow flowers as well,

and my feeling of freshness and aliveness was discernable

and real, even though this was a dream.

It is a time of rebirth, of breaking old patterns.

I know this and I am witnessing this in every aspect of my life

right now. I am solving the right problem.

Putting my efforts in the right places.

Right for me, anyway,

and as I woke from the dream I so wanted to continue

walking that wide and inviting path,

to be in that place again.

Yet, I know I am in my heart, in my actions,

in my every day life.

In taking that empty bowl and waiting to be filled.

In simply allowing aliveness to be.

“I inherit the result of my actions

of body, speech, and mind.

My actions are my continuation.”


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