(99) Thursday. Need I Say More?

Today I had an unwelcome opportunity to apply my own advice. I got feedback that usually would devastate me. But today, I took it well.

And I remembered all the things I want to remember when circumstances seem to suck:

Solve the right problem.

The obstacle is the path.

Abandon hope. Be fearless.

Say yes to whatever comes. Use it to make things better.

I am grateful that I remembered to apply these messages today when I was feeling a bit…I don’t even know the word. Combination of misunderstood and embarrassed and stupid.

Is there a word for that?

But I remembered the words and the thought processes that helped me turn it around. I didn’t make it personal. I made a plan. And then I came home and made my husband figure out dinner. He’s out at Publix picking up fried chicken and potato salad.

Because, after all, a little comfort food never hurts.

Now back to my tasty Syrah and mindless games. 😉


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