(98) Winsome Wednesday

generally pleasing and engaging often because of a childlike charm and innocence <a winsome smile>. 2. : cheerful, lighthearted. — win·some·ly adverb.

I had my dinner and was sitting here trying to figure out what to write about when the title “Winsome Wednesday” came into my head. I wasn’t sure if I really knew what “winsome” meant, so I looked it up. Thus, the definition pasted above.

It was a winsome day, because it was “pleasing and engaging” and because it reminded me that sometimes I do “win some.” My plan to have a classroom of flexible, focused fun is paying off. I am not getting uptight. I am reading my audience. And today in the middle of a flurry of activity during 6th period, I was able to stop and have a reflective moment: This is why I do what I do.

It is hard not to win when you’re teaching Langston Hughes–today it was his story “Thank You, Ma’am.”  I actually timed the lesson perfectly, had a lot of variety and fun built in, yet still had some meaningful discussion and feedback. The number one indicator of success: when I mentioned we will work with the story again tomorrow, not one of the students let out a moan or complaint. They happily folded their stories into their Reader’s notebooks for safe-keeping. In the middle schoole world, this is a victory.

And that alone made my Wednesday winsome!


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