(96) All These “F” Words


Meditated this morning

on Forty-three days

that is what is left

in the school year.

I think of my Focus

How I will need to be Flexible

How I need to incorporate Fun

How Fast the time will go

How Free I will Feel

as I implement my plan.

Yesterday I read about ensemble teaching

How we grow and learn through the group

Not necessarily just as an individual.

And it seems this year I set out to be very


Can’t say it worked all that well.

But when I pull out the Fun

The Freedom to create as a group

To take some risks, to Flow

It has worked every single time.

Forty-three days to practice.

To create a new Flexible, Free Form approach.

To honor the group as a whole.

Supporting them.

Listening to them.

It is testing season and last year

I got so depressed.

Not this year.

Forty-three days that can be chaotic,



Forty-three days of Flexible Fun.

This is the way I honor this spring break,

that brought me so much more than I bargained for.






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