(87) Wooing Loss Into Song

Today I took the end of a poem and continued it into my own poem.  The words in quotes are from starter poem, “Late March” by Richard Schiffman. 

“And there it is again.image

Another spring.

To woo loss into song.”

Feeling it now

the time lost.

given over to the unproductive

the misguided

the negative.

this is the time of year

as a teacher

I woo the loss into

whatever song I can


try to leave them

with something real.

try to conceal the loss

that we will have

when two weeks

of standardized tests hit

throwing our time together

into chaos and instability.

can we blame them

when they think it means that no

learning needs to take place?


In March, here in Southwest Florida

there are trees that bloom

sun-drenched yellow flowers

these trees have gray bark

and no greenery whatsoever

just magical brilliance

that eventually leaves

a carpet of soft color


This is the time of year in

the classroom

where I see the flowers bloom


even though there appears

to be no greenery to support.

Something has happened.

in the film I saw yesterday

they likened teachers to gardeners.

the plants grow on their own,

given the right conditions.

we cannot pull them

up out of the ground.

paste on leaves and petals.

our job is environmental.

education is the process

of growth

not like a business grows

but like a flower blooms.

this is whyimage

here in the spring

teachers begin to turn

the loss into song

it’s all that we have left.

the desire to contribute

in some small way

wooing loss into song.

to hear the music,

however far away,

and join that faint chorus

and sing along.


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