(84) Up and Down

I am so hoping that when spring break gets here, I can get refreshed and back on an even keel. Everything has been too roller-coastery for my taste.

Today was decent, however.  Well, after I got over a horrendous nightmare I had that I cannot even begin to recount here. I gave an exam on the novel we studied, got the iPad observation out of the way, got some good ideas on teaching theme from a colleague, and I get to go to restorative yoga tonight. On top of that, one of my favorite guilty pleasures–the night time soap Nashville–returns tonight.

And just one more day until the almighty break.

The one thing I did mess up on was planning for grading these exams, which need to be done tonight. Tomorrow is a full day from stem to stern–no time for anything. So as much as I would love to write more, I really need to get the grading done.  I need the stability of accomplishment right now, since everything else feels so groundless.

What should I learn to love next? Doing the next right thing. Got my pink pen ready! Now where did I put those exams?


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