(81) At the Beach, All is One


Before I headed to the beach today, I read these words by Joan Borysenko:

During the day, if you experience scorn, think about how it teaches the importance of honor (respect). If you feel fear, reflect on how it helps you value peace. Become spacious enough to hold opposites.


So, I arrive. The clouds are magnificent angels. Locals and tourists are already crowding into the small strip of beach. The tide is out. The mudflats are busy with people seeking treasures.

I look for opposites. But at the beach, all is one.


I come to reflect on decisions and the opposites I see in my own life. I find it difficult to think of things unpleasant as my bare feet sift through the powder white sand and I avoid the nests of broken shells that will stab them.  At the beach, it is just all one.


I let it go. Look at the clouds. Breathe in the fresh spring air. Feel at one.


Taking the path back, I know the opposites will show up soon enough.

For now, though, it is all just one.


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