(79) Song Title Pi-Kus

The other night at yoga, I got a random idea.  I came home and tried it and liked the results.

Earlier this week, I wrote about Pi-Kus…a little form of poetry using 3 word, 1 word, 4 word combinations.  I decided to seek out song titles with the required word count, and see how I could combine into poems.  Here are my results.  I am going to have my students try this today.

A beautiful morning


Let there be love.

                                       A bad goodbye


                                      Go your own way.

Jump to it


Dancing in the moonlight.

                                                                             Sitting, waiting, wishing


                                                                             Life by the drop.

Magic carpet ride


I’ll take you there.

                                                                         Love is blue


                                                                       Blinded by the light.

There she goes


We’ve only just begun.

                                                                                            River of love


                                                                                            Show me the way.

I will survive


Laughter in the rain.


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