(78) Purge!

As part of Random Week, I went back to a book from the 1990’s called Simple Abundance, that was a daily guide to discovering your authenticity.  It was an important book to me at the time, and was quite popular — on the best seller list for a long time.  I even heard the author — Sarah Ban Breathnac — speak at a conference.  Quite inspiring.

The book has an essay for each day of the year. I went to March and read a selection called “Accentuating the Positive,” and it brought to mind my recent purge. I have had clothes in my closet — many which I still wear on occasion, some I do not — that do not feel that great on me, nor do they represent my authentic self. Over the past year, I have been buying more dresses and other fabulous items that look great and feel great. This has motivated me to make a big purge.  Today, two huge black garbage bags of clothes are sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up.  Old things, uncomfortable things, just not that great things.  My purge caused my husband to purge some of his things as well.

I can see there are still pieces of clothing that need to go, and I have many new items on the way. It was reading Simple Abundance that taught me the concept that you need to get rid of the old to make way for the new.

As I released each piece of clothing, I could feel the faulty reason I was hanging on to them for so long. Many of the pieces did carry some kind of memory. Most of those memories don’t do anything to enhance my life now, be they bad or good. They mostly just hang there, a part of the past, a part that has little to do with where I stand today.

Here in my 60th year on the planet, I am striving in every minute to be joyfully authentically me. The PURGE is necessary to release the parts that no longer serve me. As Sarah says in her book:

What if everything hanging in your closet were something you loved — something that made you look beautiful or made you feel wonderful when you put it on? Think of how good you would feel every day.

I think that’s a worthy goal, and I’m going for it!


One thought on “(78) Purge!

  1. I’m going right now into my closet and packing up any sweater I got out of storage last fall and never wore once this past winter. I should have a whole lot of hanging space in that closet by noon.

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