(76) Poetry Fragments + Math = Something New

It’s Random Week, and today I am grabbing a line from three different poems, all which I found on the Year of Being Here website.

Blessed be those who are forever fixing

the tear between people and the rest of life

— from “Mending Mittens” by Larry Schug

why talk about all

the known and unknown

see how the unknown merges into the known

—– Rumi

The whir of I should be, I should be, I should be

slows to silence

— from “The Moment” by Marie Howe

What I decided to do with these three lines was to marry them to a new mini-poem format called the Pi-Ku.  Basically, the Pi-Ku uses the mathematical concept of Pi (3.14) and turns it into a poem by making each number correspond to words.

Therefore, a Pi-Ku has a set structure to fill in, much like a haiku.  The main difference is that a haiku  has counted syllables in the three lines.  The Pi-Ku has counted words:

Three words — One word — Four words.

Using the poem fragments above, I created this Pi-Ku:

slows to silence


unknown merges into known.

Afterward I looked at the little poem and thought…hhmmmm…what is this about?

Epiphany!  It is about epiphany!  The official title of my first ever Pi-Ku is “Epiphany.”

So far, I’m really enjoying Random Week.  It seems like such a quick way to creativity.  Looking forward to what appears next. 🙂


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