(75) Random Week One

The idea for this week came from the Creative Whack Pack — card #8 — “Try a Random Idea.”

The card tells the story of a Medicine Man that made hunting maps for his tribe by taking a piece of leather and letting it dry in the sun.  Then he would pray, twist it, then smooth it out.  Where the lines were is where the warriors were to hunt.  The report is that it was always an abundance harvest.

The card suggests opening up a book, pointing to a word, and figuring out what it means to me right now.

I am going to do that right now…

I have a dictionary here….


Okay, this is actually quite relevant.  It is mating season here in Florida.  I have seen the white feathers poking out on the moorhens, a duck with a puffed up red neck, and the mockingbirds singing their mating song and doing their pogo stick mating dance.AS0F2099.jpgCS

Today I looked out at the lake and along the side was a Great Egret, his plume feathers softly blowing in the wind as they graced his body.  I know that if I was up closer to the bird, I would see that the area between his beak and eyes would be a bright lime green.  All in the name of love!

As busy as this day was, and as busy as this week will be, I am counting on the “Random Idea” directive to help keep me in touch with myself, nature, and the world around me. It is so easy to get ungrounded.  Here is to Random Week and all the treasures I will find.


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