(72) Tribute: LaMotta’s Pizza


Here is a meal.

Here is a pizza to savor.

Here is a pizza like I never remember eating before.

Here is a taste explosion instead of bland emptiness.

All these years, my husband Jim and I have been going to LaMotta’s Italian Restaurant here in South Fort Myers, enjoying their meals.  Fresh salads, flavorful soups, to-die-for garlic knots (even for a non-bread person like me), and a variety of pasta and meat dishes that never disappoint.

Tonight, we went with the purpose to try the pizza.  Full disclaimer: we have grown increasingly disappointed with pizza over the years.  Even the places we liked have changed (cheapened) their pizza to the point it is barely edible.  We don’t care for cardboard crusts, sausage that looks like rabbit turds, goppy cheese, non-distinct sauce, or overpowering pepperoni.

Take note: LaMotta’s pizza makes all the others look like the imposters they are. They are not worthy of the name “pizza.”

I know the picture on this blog cannot do it justice, but here is a pizza worthy of the name.

A crust that is just the right amount of chew, just the right amount of weight.

Pepperoni that is present, but complementary.

Red and green peppers, black olives, shaved red onion –balanced.

And the most amazing part for this person who does not care much for Italian sausage — thinly sliced homemade sausage that made me a believer.

Jim and I, being novices at Lamotta’s pizza, ordered a large. Oops.  Most of the time when we order pizza, we each chow down 2-3 pieces.

Not this pizza.  As I said — here is a meal.  In a slice!

We managed to eat one and one half slices each. The rest got wrapped up. We now have two more meals in the refrigerator.

Really. Satisfactorily full and not in that gross, what-did-I-just-eat way.

Truth: when we went to dinner tonight, I expected to write a haiku — 17 syllables — about this pizza.  I never expected to top out over 300 words.

Tonight I learned the next thing I needed to learn to love.  It is true pizza. I am spoiled forever for any other pizza…ever.

LaMotta’s.  If ever in Fort Myers, don’t miss it.


2 thoughts on “(72) Tribute: LaMotta’s Pizza

  1. Pizza used to be an artisan craft, nowadays it has been reduced to cheap, ordinary fast food for the gastronomically undiscerning masses. As a rule I like simple traditional pizzas such as Neapolitan or Margherita, but this looks good especially the crust. I always look at the crust first if the crust is good then the pizza is most probably good too.


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