(69) Release


Came home late in some drizzling rain

dragged down by intense teaching and some things just not working right

everyone so in need of spring break

still forever off in the distance (just 12 more school days–forever now measured by exhaustion)

no matter how much energy I put forth

resistance reigns in so many dimensions in the middle school classroom.

So I come home and pour the wine and make an easy dinner.

I write here and play some games and maybe practice mandolin.image

I vow tomorrow will somehow be better.

I see the gray and white layers of clouds in the sky and

I observe two Common Moorhens doing their mating dance

first on the lawn, then into the water

and I’m reminded everything has a season

the birds, the clouds, the students pushing boundaries.

Everything has its purpose and its season;

to resist is futile,

and as Pema so wisely says

will keep circumstances alive for a long time.

The rain continues now, the moorhens have found their love nest.

Pull the power back inside.



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