(66) I say “I love you”


This week my motto for teaching was “don’t force it.” It has paid off.  I had a good week, and so did my kids.  At least, I think so.  I heard things like, “Ms. Sadler, you are so happy.”  And “Ms. Sadler, you’re in such a good mood.”

Of course, finally getting air conditioning in my room helped! 🙂

Above is a picture of my kids outside kicking a soccer ball on Tuesday afternoon.  They had done a 2 hour writing test in the morning, and so we had recess.  It was fun and definitely needed by all.

Friday I pulled out the format for the “I Am” poem for our bellringer.  I was impressed with how some students — some who sometimes have trouble getting started on anything — dove right into this form of poetry writing.

Finish the sentences anyway you want, in any order you want.  It doesn’t have to rhyme.

These are the only instructions.

So today I decided to pull together kind of a “best of” from their poems.  I chose from all the classes, and did my best to showcase the middle school mind as it is.  I love reading through this because I feel like it gives me a good way to see all aspects of them — and that is always a worthy endeavor as it shows the depths of humanness we all deal with.

I am a student in Ms. Sadler’s class

I wonder if next year my friends and I will still be friends

I hear people laughing

I see everybody in their little groups

I want some Poptarts

I am ready for the weekend.

I pretend not to read books

I feel awkward today

I touch my special pen

I worry that my mom is hurting

I cry because I think my friends are not my friends

I am a mystery.

I understand that I have to be in school

I say “I love you”

I dream about being rich and famous

I try my best to make everybody feel like they are somebody

I hope my dad loves me like he loves my brother

I am a good person.


3 thoughts on “(66) I say “I love you”

  1. The lines you chose allows us to examine the minds of your seventh grade students; Overall they show how important belonging, acceptance and friendship are at their age. Each line is a precious gem that formed your best intention of an I am Poem. ❤


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