(63) Duck Watching

One of my most favorite things about my life here in Florida is that we have managed to always live on a lake. When we moved here in 2000, we found an apartment not too far from the Sanibel Island Causeway. It was first floor on a beautiful lake. I watched many sunsets from that apartment, and moon sets, too. The best part, however, was learning about all the Southwest Florida wading birds, moorhens, wood storks, and even White Pelicans I wrote about previously. I learned their sounds, their postures, the way they fish, and so much more.

When we contracted to build a condo in 2004, there was no doubt in our mind that we wanted to pay extra to live on the water. Here we face east, so now I see sunrises and moonrises–many which glow brilliantly on our lake. This lake has never had the prolific wildlife of Bayside, but it is still pretty good.

imageThis evening I was enjoying an early dinner, since this is my night to go to restorative yoga–my midweek treat.  I noticed through the cracked blinds that a duck was on the lake–but acting a little strangely.  He would swim a little, then stop and look around. Then swim a little more. Stop. Look around. I watched him until he went out of my limited sight.

After cleaning up my dishes, I looked out the sliding glass door to see where he was. He had found what he was looking for–he and his mate are sitting together on the grassy bank, gazing across the lake together as I write this. I have no idea where he found her, but I’m glad he did. And hey, that reminds me–today is a special date for my husband and me. Life with him has been much the same for us as for these brown Ducks–always together, looking in the same direction, with serenity and love.


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