(62) Why I Almost Forgot to Write Today

It is going on 9 o’clock p.m.,  and I just remembered I haven’t written here today.

Only Tuesday, and It has already been a crazy week.  Today I was at work bright and early to get set up for testing, only to have the test I was proctoring canceled. Then I spent two hours watching 7th graders take their test.  if you think taking a test is boring, watching others take a test is mind-numbing and exhausting.

After that, I was fortunate to have my planning period through the lunch shifts, so I actually had some time to chill out. I only saw my students for 30 minutes each class, and they were fairly burned out. We spent time outside with the soccer ball, and played games in the classroom.

This is the way it goes with testing. It burns everyone out so quickly.

I’m ready for bed now, and truly wish I could be more prolific. I am just glad I remembered to write. I would have been pretty peeved if this testing scenario had thrown me off my writing game.

The best part is that I’ve been rolling with all the changes and disruption pretty well. I’m a veteran of these situations, as all educators eventually become. I will move my students back into regular curriculum over the next few days–barring any other interruptions, of course.  I will learn to love what I’m doing again now that the test prep anxiety is eased.

Right now, though, I just need to forget about it all.  Tomorrow will come soon enough.


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