(55) In the One Very Alive Moment

Felt the need to come on here and think aloud to see what I’m really thinking…so here goes.

This week has already challenged me in two ways — being in the moment, and doing what makes me feel alive.

I’m learning.

Right now playing music is making me feel very alive.  My music teacher helped me figure out the chords to Lee Ann Womack’s “Sleeping With the Devil,” and I’m having a blast playing it on my mandolin.

There has been an article floating around Facebook about how music changes the brain.  I am usually listening to music — but playing, aaahhhh, now that is really something.

And playing it has made me feel in the moment and so alive, I don’t even mind that I have two meetings about testing this week.  I don’t mind that the air conditioning is not working in my room and the kids get hot and grumpy and at each others’ throats.

I don’t mind because I will tap back into this alive-in-the-moment feeling and know that it has power. In a short time it has produced restful sleep and a new attitude about teaching.  (For the record, I am always cycling back to who I truly am as a teacher — it’s the nature of the profession, I guess.)

Today I have decided a series of short stories needed to be added to my curriculum.  Gary Soto’s “The Jacket.”  Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day.”  Langston Hughes’ “Thank You, Ma’am.”  The district wants me to create center activities, this is the perfect vehicle.

Integration is always what works for me.  Pulling various pieces together to make something new.  I feel I am heading in that direction today.  And that is making me feel very alive.

For the fun of it, here is Lee Ann’s song.

“Sleeping With the Devil”


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