(51) And Cale Tyson makes it all better

Oh my, what a rough day.  Not to go into too much detail, but…

I felt depressed.  Droned on and on in my journal about it this morning.

Meditated, working hard on just accepting things as they are.  I failed.

Went into work quite early to get prepped for the day.  Left my room key at home.  Had to go back.

First block started out with problem student.

Every thing I came in early to plan seemed to hit a dead end.

Came home achy, still depressed, with not a clue of what to write on this blog today.

Then I found a new Cale Tyson video on my Facebook Newsfeed.  If you don’t know Cale…wow.  Don’t know what you’re missing.  A one time intern for American Songwriting Magazine, he is a beautiful cross between Hank Williams and Gram Parsons.  I am praying every day that when we get to Nashville this July, we can find a place he is playing.  He is Numero Uno for who I would like to see perform live.

Meanwhile, get acquainted with Cale in the video below.  (Love that he discovers God is a woman, btw.)

I am feeling much better now.



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