(50) 5 Reflections on 5 Questions at 50


It was New Years Eve when I decided to commit myself to the 5 Questions blog.  I walked the beach pictured above to make my decision. Did I really want to commit to 365 days?  Was this something I really wanted to do?  It was a time commitment, and I’ve learned not to take those lightly. I decided to go for it, and today marks a milestone. Below are Five Reflections on this blog so far.

1. Writing every day is both challenging and comforting. I don’t agonize over it.  I just do it.  It needs to be done, so it gets done.  Like brushing my teeth.

2. I love how it has opened me up to surprises from nature (Q3) and that those encounters get recorded here.

3. The questions have forced me to look at topics I want to write about through their lens — and I think that has been fruitful for me personally.

4. I keep thinking this whole challenge I’ve put on myself is about Question #5 — What is the new creation that wants to be born in and through me?  I wonder what the answer will be?

5. I’m still wondering how I will keep this up for 315 more posts.  Answer: One day at a time, right?


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