(43) Fly With Your Own Wings

I kept looking. Every time I was outside yesterday I kept searching the sky. All I ever saw was one lone buzzard riding the breeze high above a housing development across from my school.

Yesterday I had vowed to be like that bird. It didn’t take long for me to find myself frustrated at work (too many meetings this week, too much disorganization), and so my calm resolved was shattered.

Still, the bird image would return, and it would calm me down.  Every chance I got I would look to the sky for my symbol to be manifest. Nothing.

The sky was a solid blue. Like an open canvas. Not a bird in sight.

There is rarely a day in Florida I don’t see all kinds of birds flying everywhere. Yesterday, though, the skies seemed barren. It was strange. I take this as a lesson. Become your own bird. Fly with your own wings. Quit relying on us to lift you up.

Message received.


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