(37) Questions

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”   –Zora Neale Hurston

Today I chose a song called “Questions” by Jon McLaughlin to do my free weight workout.  It got me thinking about this year of questions and this blog and how every day I am asking myself the five questions to see what surfaces.

What I haven’t written about is that over the holiday break I was asking myself a totally different question. This one came from a poem called “One Hundred and Eighty” by Federico Maramarco:  Have you considered the possibility that everything you believe is wrong? I weighed the option of using that question and calling this blog “6 Questions,” but I held off. Still, the question raises itself and cannot be ignored.  I’m still working with it on a regular basis.

Last Sunday I wrote a post here I am not proud of.  I called it “Cease the Struggle,” when obviously I was struggling mightily.  I always think that writing is about resolving issues on paper.  I had only begun to resolve when I wrote that blog.

But it was that embarrassment that led me to investigate further about what it meant to cease to struggle.

And that got me back to my meditation cushion.

And that has led to me questioning once again everything I have believed to be true.

This week has been tiring and pleasant and made me see some things in a new light.  It has guided me into looking at some things a new way. By sitting quietly just 12 minutes a day, I have felt a new kind of calm about things.  I am forging new partnerships and sharing ideas and deciding to do things that even last week I would have dismissed.  I see this as a positive sign.

So what do I need to love next?  My meditation cushion.  That was an easy answer!

And speaking of questions: here is a wonderful little song by Paul Simon called “Questions for the Angels.”  Someone paired it with artwork and photos significant to the song. Sit back and enjoy.  It’s a beauty.


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