(27) Saved By Sky

image image

I stayed at work to finish grading after what had proven to be a busy and trying day.  I was looking forward to getting in my car and getting home as quickly as possible. Comfortable clothes and a glass of delicious red wine were waiting for me.

But I got sidetracked by the sky.

The last thing I was thinking about when I locked my classroom was nature. Yet, there it was in all its brilliance. The clouds looked like pillows inviting me to sink in and rest. A group of ibis were feasting in the grass as I drove out. A small hawk sat on a wire, waiting for dinner.

I decided to detour and drive to the end of Winkler Road where there is a preserve. I took the above photos there. Then home to comfy clothes and tasty wine.

But this welcome by nature at a time I ordinarily would have not even noticed told me something important: living the 5 questions is working. I was open to nature without even having to try, and what an incredible gift it was to me today.


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