(25) Sunday Evening Meditation

Been watching the sky for a while now

When I came home from a lovely afternoon dinner

Sitting outside at Bistro 41

Shrimp, scallops, calamari, and conversation

Key lime pie

I noticed the softness of the sky, the light blue, white, and gray stripes

Then, more pink.

Now, a deepening fuschia, deep purple streaks.

This afternoon I spent at the theater watching “Into the Woods,”

part of a friend’s birthday celebration.

There have been inspirations this weekend.

Discovery of a wonderful singer/songwriter.

Friends sharing their writing.

A young adult novel that gave me writing prompts in the guise of book titles.

And best of all, the narrative poem book called

“A Wreath for Emmitt Till,” which introduced me to the “heroic crown of sonnets”

a series of interlocking sonnets, fifteen in all.

I think I found another challenge.

(Frankly, though, this daily blogging is challenge enough for now!)image

The sky is deepening blue now, still with pink highlights.

The woods in “Into the Woods” were considered dangerous.

No love of nature there — just things to fear.

By the end it was clear, the woods were just a metaphor for life.

It changes, like the sky.  Nearly solid blue now.

What do I need to learn to love next?

To let inspiration be.

To let my writing be.

To see everything in its true nature.

That’s enough.

It is everything.


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