(24) Get Real

image   My friend Pam and I spent the MLK day afternoon with our husbands together in Matlacha, a funky little arts and fishing town here in southwest Florida. We had the guys take a couple pictures of us, and Pam uploaded them today.

The first thing I noticed was my silver hair–and I loved it!!!  So many times I look at it and still see all the brown that is still there. I made the decision last June  to let my real hair color come through. It’s been a long wait, since I had just had my hair colored a couple weeks prior to my big decision. And yes, it is a big decision.

I remember when Pam let her hair get real, and I remember how hard it was for me to adjust to her new look. I had always known her with extremely dark hair. When she let it go to its natural and beautiful and authentic whiteness, it was an adjustment. She looks amazing!

I am on that journey now and couldn’t be happier about it.  I love how the January sun caught the silver and made it shine.  It is just one more way to be open to the beauty of nature, as well as accepting the realities of how we change as we age.  It’s all good. 🙂


2 thoughts on “(24) Get Real

  1. Aw. Nice. Im happy to know my choice was an inspiration for you to begin the journey. Tell you the truth, it is still rather difficult to see myself without thinking, Whoa! THIS is me? Of course most pictures I have of myself are from when my hair was darker and oddly I dont showcase them anymore because they no longer depict the me that I see now. It is liberating and I think more attractive than trying to keep what WAS me. This, my white hair, is simple because its true.


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