(21) Bam!

I have been searching for something to write about today. I have looked at quotes and photos and reviewed the five questions over and over again and, well, nothing.

Except that one thing.

Last night I had an experience I didn’t expect. I had a moment where, BAM!, I felt old.

This really does not happen to me often.

And it was all because of Jagged Little Pill.

My wonderful writing group had gathered for sushi, conversation, and writing, and we had agreed to bring song lyrics as writing prompts.  This somehow brought up Alanis Morissette.  I know who she is.  I know some of her songs.  I even have some on my iTunes playlist.

But what I didn’t have–which my much younger writing partners do have–is that relationship to Morissette through her album.  They shared a communal experience from the past, listening to the songs that carried special meaning to them in their much younger than me lives.

I have similar albums that mean something to me.

Just not this one.

Admittedly, Jagged Little Pill came out in 1995, the year I turned 40.  I don’t think Alanis’s music was aimed toward my age group.

The other part of this that is perfectly clear to me is that somehow I missed a lot of the music of the 1990’s.  I am not sure why.  I guess I was just hanging on to the past and going with comfortable new choices.  I also was, for a time, heavily into 1990’s country music.  I love me some Mary Chapin Carpenter, Trisha Yearwood, and Dixie Chicks.

But recently, with my love of Americana music, I realized I missed bands I would have loved. The  Jayhawks.  Son Volt. Wilco.  These are all new to me.  Imagine my surprise when I realized they were around 20 years ago and I never heard of them.

At least I have heard of Morissette.  And Matchbox Twenty. Who were also mentioned and praised.

The point here is not that my writing group made me feel old.  We all were just talking.  It was just that I didn’t have anything to add because I wasn’t there. That is what I mean by BAM!  I wasn’t there. And it was painfully obvious why.

To connect this to the 5 questions is easy.  What do I need to love next?  Just where I am.  Appreciate where I’ve been, where I currently stand, and the journeys of others.  There is nothing I can do about it anyway, right?  Learn to love it.  As Alanis might say, “Thank you, disillusionment.”  I needed this.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA40th birthday party surrounded by brothers and sister.


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