(20) Something Amazing

Last week I received something that all teachers treasure–the written note from a student who has moved on in his education, but reaches back to say thanks.  The note read:

Thank you, Ms. Sadler, for helping and inspiring me in writing and poetry.  I may not be the next Stephen King, but you helped me become one step closer to something amazing related to writing.

It was signed by a student from my first period class last year.  The reason this is so significant to me is because that was one of the toughest classes I ever taught. I had returned to middle school after six years in high school, and had taken on 8th graders, which I obviously was not ready for. I felt like the curriculum was disjointed because we were teaching from two sets of standards, and I never felt like I really did what I could with the students in regard to their writing.

There have been classes I have felt connection with, and the learning fun we had was obvious. The class this boy was in was not one of those. I sometimes want to forget last year ever happened; this note helped me see that we all were right where we needed to be.  It was one of those creations being born through me without my immediate knowledge.

I will readily tell other educators they make a difference just by being there every day, giving their best energy to their students. I sometimes forget that it applies to me as well.  I am proud to be an educator doing this important work. When it becomes visible that I am taking students “one step closer to something amazing”–that is worth whatever it takes.



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