(13) Sky Joy


Sat  through three hours of professional development  after teaching and attending two other meetings during the day. I left the stack of essays I have to grade on my desk. On purpose. I’d had enough.

Drove  home with an increasingly beautiful sunset happening around me. From my driveway I took the shot above. Breathtaking. Reminds me of this opening line to a story by Sandra Cisneros: “You can never have too much sky.”

Whenever I feel I’ve had enough, if I can remember to look at the sky it makes everything okay.   Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron says, “We always want to get rid of misery rather than see how it works together with joy. The point isn’t to cultivate one thing as opposed to another, but to relate properly to where we are.”

Today I was feeling uninspired, irritated, overwhelmed, and bored. Yet, the joy in these colors was inescapable. And I will admit–this morning I had no idea what I was going to write in here today. Now I know that no matter how uninterested I am in blogging on a given day, I can look to the sky. That is my place to find joy and balance the misery of the things I cannot change.


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