(12) Beauty Came My Way on a Sunday


It was Sunday, and I was thinking about how it was a snowy, cold January day in Ohio when we decided to move to Florida. I was thinking about how it was my fifteenth winter here, and how I never get tired of the blue sky, tropical breeze Januarys here in Southwest Florida.  It was exactly what I longed for all of my life.  And look!  Now I’ve spent a full quarter of my life here.

About that time, my sister posted this picture on Facebook of her son at that beach.  It was nature’s beauty that came to me without any effort on my part.  All I had to do was appreciate the perfection of this photo — the silhouette, the sun on the water, the clouds reaching up.  Ah.  January in Florida.

Then, a little later this came by…


This to me was about the beauty of being human.  We get to make art.  We get to sing and hope and dream.  We get to kiss wonderful people!  This came to me on a day I had set aside just for reading and playing my mandolin, so the timing was perfect. And I love the idea of surprising myself. That is what we did that wintry day in Ohio–surprised ourselves with a new dream to build.  Less than six months later we were here, starting a new life.

Wonder what I can surprise myself with this year?


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