(11) “So Rumi. So Wavy Gravy.” Part Two

In revisiting my writing notebook, I came upon this poem.  I wrote it as an example for my students based on a style of poem I found in the book Poetry Everywhere by Jack Collom and Sheryl Noethe. (Thanks to my friend Iris for gifting me with this book.)  This poem is a “going inside” poem and was written on December 17th. I realized after I wrote that it is about my students.  But really, it is about everybody and everything. It’s nature, after all. We are all nurturing our creations and it takes a lot of right things happening to get there.


Go inside a sunflower seed

the element of birth within

the fully formed image of

the bright yellow flower

yet to unfurl.

The seed is hard on the outside.

Magical inside.

If given the right conditions

rich soil, water, sunlight

it will explode into something

destined to dance in the wind

and bring smiles to faces.

Inside the sunflower seed is a softness

a whisper

a promise.

But it’s conditional.

It has needs.

Survival is not guaranteed.


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