(9) Night Falls (spontaneous writing while looking at sky)

night falls

moon is not rising yet

cloud cover, slight breeze

airplane overhead

i loved this week

thought it would be rough

but it was alive, students engaged

some laughs, some surprises

today even some tears.

darker now. No bird soundsimage

slight movement in the palms.

Read a poem today about going through fire

it purifies. It is scary and a final test

what is my fire wall?

What do I need to love next?

the child that makes me laugh

the one I comfort as he cries

the one I remind is beautiful

the one who surprises me by coming prepared–yes

she took charge of her learning

the girl that can’t read the word “ocean” showed me

anything is possible.

almost completely dark now.

i need to love what I love

and then go one step beyond

to love what I haven’t loved.

It isn’t a wall of fire.

It’s better.

It’s real.

It’s hidden in the dark.


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